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Have you fallen behind with a mountain of paperwork and not enough time to get through it, not to mention all the other things you need to do to ensure your business runs smoothly and productively? Bookkeeping San Antonio can help as a trusted friend and assistant. We can get you organized and up-to-date and help keep you that way, at least as far as the bookkeeping of your business goes. Our service can help you free up some time for yourself or your staff to focus on other things that will contribute to the success of your company. Contact us today, we’re just a phone call away.

About Bookkeeping Services San Antonio

Providing quality bookkeeping services for small business is our commitment at San Antonio Bookkeeping. Professionalism and integrity is what we strive for as we diligently seek to deliver individualized service to every client.

With over a decade of bookkeeping accounting experience, we have been a part of the San Antonio community for quite some time. Our reputation for accuracy and dependability are above reproach.

We feel sure that you didn’t get into your business because you love the bookkeeping part, otherwise, you might be in the bookkeeping business instead. Let us come and lighten your load by handling the bookkeeping drudgery (which we absolutely love) and free up your time to focus on the parts of the business that you love.

We know how to catch you up and clean you up if you’ve fallen behind. Or we can start you up, right off the bat and get you set up with a bookkeeping system that will help keep your finances running clean right from the get-go. Wherever you are in your business, Bookkeeping San Antonio is here to assist. Contact us today!

Why Choose Us ?

In choosing to hire a professional to handle your accounting and bookkeeping services, you definitely want to choose the right company. You need someone you can trust, so your stress can be alleviated rather than added upon. That’s why Bookkeeping San Antonio is the right choice. We offer our clients full-service options and will work with you to determine exactly what you need. You can depend on us for:

  • Affordability: get what you need and nothing you don’t. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.
  • Dependability: we are here for you and we’re on top of things. Nothing slips through the cracks because we were too busy.
  • Convenient: we will come to you or work remotely, however works best for you.
  • We have Quickbooks bookkeeping knowledge and know-how.

We bring experience and up-to-date tools and techniques to keep you organized and current with all your finances. San Antonio is our home and we have worked with the residents here and the surrounding areas for many years. We can help you make your business finances clean, clear and organized.

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What To Expect?

When working with San Antonio Bookkeeper, you can depend on a professional, precise, certified bookkeeper to handle one of the most crucial parts of your business with care and accuracy. Our attention to your books and financial schedules will be top priority and we will work diligently to make sure everything is handled with exactness and accuracy.

You can contact us today for a free consultation where we can discuss what your needs are and what we can do to offer assistance. We can determine how much of the load you want us to take and how much that will cost on a monthly basis.

Depending on what your company does and how big your business is will determine how much time we will need to spend and what kinds of services you will want us to perform for you.

We look forward to building a relationship of trust and dependability and having the privilege of serving you and your company for many years. Here at Bookkeeping San Antonio, our mission is to deliver assistance and accuracy to each one of our clients and celebrate with them as their business goals are achieved and exceeded.

Our Services

Helping with online bookkeeping services San Antonio TX, we cover everything from basic bookkeeping, accounting services for small business, quickbooks bookkeeping and much more. We are a full-service bookkeeping company and are happy to provide our clients with services including the following:


Maintaining account charts where your financial transactions are recorded and easily accessed, we provide information to help you manage your business more efficiently. We are able to identify and correct errors or discrepancies including things like double billings, unrecorded payments or receipts which ensures a clear and accurate view of your finances throughout the month and year.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliations show every deposit and withdrawal and ensure they match up with the items entered in your financial records, allowing the identification of lost checks, deposits or any unauthorized transactions, not to mention, catching inappropriate bank fees. A bank reconciliation can also alert us to any fraudulent activities including, identity theft, forgery or embezzlement.

Financial Statement Preparation

This service helps you to see at a glance the overall health of your business or company. A complete set of financial statements include: balance sheet, income statement, business’s actual performance compared with its allotted budget, cash flow statement, and estimated tax liabilities. These statements can help you when setting future goals such as expansions or introducing new production, etc. They are also used when dealing with creditors or lenders.

Billing Services

Do you need someone to ensure bills to your customers or clients go out on a regular monthly basis? San Antonio Bookkeeper can handle that aspect of your business for you. This way, you don’t have to worry about how busy you or your staff are, the bills will be sent out each month and your customers can learn to count on that monthly bill that they need to pay.

Budgets & Forecasting

Having a fixed, yet flexible budget helps you know how much money you need coming into your business to be profitable. Optimal money management ensures success and the ability to run smoothly and efficiently. Bookkeeper San Antonio will also take the time to watch the trends in your particular business and assist you in forecasting updates or expenditures that you might need to make to stay on top of your market and always be current and relevant in your particular industry.

And More

We provide many other bookkeeping services. Contact us today!

About San Antonio, Texas

Located at the headwaters of the San Antonio River on the Balcones Escarpment is the second most populous city in Texas, San Antonio. With much history under its belt, the city was the starting point for the Chisholm Trail and became a major cattle center in the late 19th century, where herds were brought for the overland drives to the Kansas railheads.

In 1877, San Antonio rapidly became the commercial hub of the Southwest with the arrival of the railroad. Serving as a major military center during World War I and II, factored into the city’s economy and was quite dominant in the decades following.

A colorful blend of Mexican and Texan culture, the city is a mere 150 miles from the Mexican border at Laredo and a popular travel route to Mexico. With a huge Hispanic population (approximately three-fifths), many of which are Spanish-speaking or bilingual, the city embraces its cultural diversity and preserves its historical atmosphere.

The military influence during WWI and WWII are responsible for the rapid growth of the city after 1940. San Antonio, today, is home to the U.S. Fifth Army and the national cemetery, as well as the Academy of Health Sciences, all headquartered at Fort Sam Houston. Three U.S. Air Force bases are situated close by as well: Lackland, Randolph and Brooks.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Timberwood Park
  • Fair Oaks Ranch
  • Helotes
  • Alamo Heights
  • Terrell Hills
  • Garden Ridge
  • Shavano Park
  • Hollywood Park
  • Olmos Park
  • And many other surrounding areas


Q. What does a bookkeeper do?

A bookkeeper San Antonio is responsible for providing current, accurate financial data for a business. Constantly watching the ebb and flow of a business’s financial situation is part of their service. They prepare reports that help business owners and managers make decisions regarding their company’s financial next-steps.

Q. What is full charge bookkeeping?

A full charge bookkeeper is designated to be solely responsible for accounting, meaning, that as a full charge bookkeeper, they would report straight to a business’s senior manager (i.e. president) and may communicate and/or interact directly with the company’s board of directors and auditors.

Q. Should I hire bookkeeping services near me or can I just do it myself?

The option to handle all the bookkeeping responsibilities required to run a business is definitely up to you. But getting bogged down in the paperwork and filings and accounts receivable, accounts payable part of business can take a lot of time and focus away from other things that need to happen to make your business run smoothly and effectively. Hiring out even a portion of the bookkeeping can free up time for you or your staff as needed and is fairly affordable at the same time.

Q. Will you replace my CPA?

Our goal is not to replace your CPA but to make things more affordable on the daily. We can handle your bookkeeping tasks and responsibilities daily, weekly, monthly, even quarterly at a much more affordable rate. Let us know what works for you.

Customer Testimonials

Terri T.

I’ve been using this bookkeeping service since I opened my business a few years ago and they are dynamite! I’ve never had a problem that they couldn’t help me solve. They are dedicated and on top of everything, even usually having the answer before I even ask the question. Professional and affordable!

Jerry C.

The bookkeeping end of my business was sucking all the fun out of living my dream of owning my own business. When I decided to bring in a professional, I was really worried about affordability, as we were a fairly new business and were just making our way. My worries were for nothing, though. They helped me make a plan to get organized and they took a big load off for a very reasonable rate. And what’s more, I’m much more productive because I’m not having to worry about all the paperwork, so my better productivity is easily paying for their service and way more!

Lisa D.

What a relief it was to get someone to help me straighten out my books and get organized. No more late fees for unfiled taxes and unpaid bills. I am grateful!

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Attending to the ins and outs of small business bookkeeping is our passion! Offering bookkeeping accounting and basic bookkeeping along with various services by our certified bookkeepers, we know our experience and up-to-date training will get your books on track and keep them there.

At Bookkeeping San Antonio, you’ve found the “bookkeepers near me,” you’ve been searching for on the internet. If you want to take some of the load off, and keep your business running smooth and financially sound, let us help you today! For a free consultation and estimate, just fill out the form on this website or give us a quick call. We look forward to hearing from you!

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